Chevre cheese

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Chèvre is the French word for goat, and chèvre cheese refers to cheese made from goat’s milk. Chèvre cheese, in soft forms, has a sharper taste than does cream cheese. It may be paired with herbs, covered in black pepper,

The cheese is easily molded into small rounds, log shapes, or large rounds that are sliced.


  • 1 gal. soy milk (4 litres)
  • 1/8 tsp. (0,3ml) fromage blanc culture
  • 1 drop (0.1 ml.) vegetarian rennet
  • 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) calcium sulphate (or calcium chloride) (or magnesiun sulphate Epsom Salts))
  • non dairy butter flavor to taste (optional)
  • salt to taste
  • lemon jiuce or vinegar to add tartness to taste
  • herbs and spices of your choice


Pour milk into an 8- to 10-qt (8 - to 10 liter). heavy-bottomed pot and insert dairy thermometer. Warm the milk over low heat to 72°F (22°C), stirring often to prevent scorching.

Remove from heat, remove thermometer, and sprinkle culture as evenly as possible over milk; let rest 10 minutes, then gently stir 1 minute in one direction. Dilute rennet in 2 tbsp. cool water and pour in evenly all over the milk; stir the same way. Dilute calcium sulphate in 1/2 cup cool water; pour and stir as you did the culture and rennet.

Stir once in opposite direction to stop move­ment of milk. Cover with cheesecloth; let rest overnight (between 22 and 26 °C (72 to 80 °F) on counter.

Step 2: Drain your curds

Place chhese moulds on a rack over a large baking pan. A lot of whey will drain from your cheese, and you will need a large pan to catch it. Carefully ladle the curds into the moulds.

If you want to make your cheese fancy at this point, you can add seasoning to the curds as you ladle them into the moulds. You could put in a couple scoops of curd in the mold and then sprinkle on some herbs, freshly ground pepper or garlic. Then ladle in the rest of the curds. You don't need to worry about salting anything at this point.

Let the curds covered to drain for two days.This can be at room temperature ) You could drain the cheese in the fridge if you have room).

After the cheese has drained you can carefully unmold them into your hand. Sprinkle all the sides of the cheese with a little Kosher salt and wrap them in plastic wrap. The cheese will keep for about 2 weeks in the fridge.

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