Anglaise, à la

A French term (in the English style) used to decribe food that is simply cooked, usually boiled in stock or water.

It also refers to food which has been dipped in beaten egg, and then coated with bread crumbs and cooked in butter and oil.

Armoricaine, à la
A French term used to describe a number of dishes served with a sauce made with shellfish.

Aurore, à la
A French name given to dishes served with a tomato flavoured sauce, or items of a yelllow color, often dome shaped suggesting the rising sun.


birgarade, à la

A French term used to descibe a dish cooked or served with orange or orange sauce.

bordelaise, à la

A French term used to decribe a dish that incorporates a wine sauce, bone marrow, ceps or a garnish of artichokes and potatoes.


Creole, à la

Dishes preapared with timatoes, green peppers and onions as the main ingredient.




Literally ' Spanish' style

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