Description Edit

Paraguayan Recipe

Ingredients Edit

  • 1 great Endive, tediously washed and dismantled leaf by leaf.
  • 3 bare quarters kg of mandioca, boiled with something of salt and processing.
  • 1 spoonful of cibullette bite, (it can replaces by tender Onion).
  • average sopera spoonful of Soybean sauce.
  • 1 sopera spoonful of perforated nuts.
  • 1 tooth of perforated garlic.
  • 1 sopera spoonful of olive oil.
  • 1 lettuces dwelled, mantecosa yu.
  • 1 escarola.
  • 2 ralladas carrots.
  • 50 grs of black olives without bone.
  • 1 bare without bone and cut avocado to means and soon in strips of half cm.
  • 2 hard tomatos.
  • Perforated parsley.


Directions Edit

  1. To fill up each leaf of Endive with the paste formed by mandioca, the pricked sauce of Soybean, nuts, the olive oil, perforated garlic and cibuletta or tender Onion.
  2. These stuffed endives we will have them in the center the source. Around we will be placing, by colors, the lettuces (forming a hoop). By outside, the carrots ralladas with the black olives superficially.
  3. Soon the tomatos in fine slices with something of perforated parsley superficially.
  4. Around we will put the avocado and we will there be dew with seasoning.

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