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If using fresh spinach, wash and de-stem the leaves. Steam/microwave the spinach until cooked. Place it in a blender with the garlic and milk. Whir until you have a nice sauce consistency. Start with less milk if you like a thicker sauce, add more, as needed. It depends on how much spinach "juice" you use. Taste the sauce, and add salt, as desired.

Serve on top of spaghetti or other Pasta makes 2-3 servings, with Pasta


his makes a bright green sauce...kinda weird to look at but very good tasting. It"s a real pretty presentation if you serve it over spaghetti, half green, half tomato sauce. It"s especially good with parmesan, if you are lacto-veg. Use fat free of course, or a tiny bit of "the good stuff".

Do not use vanilla flavored soy milk. I tried it. Yuk

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