The name of any dish which results from the action of stewing. Stewing is the method of cooking which tenderizes tough pieces of meat. It is a method by which meat and (usually although not always) vegetables are slowly simmered ion liquid for a substantial period of time so that the meat not only becomes tender enough to chew but all the ingredients blend into a delicious mix.

Where stews stop and soups start is debatable

Stews have many different names around the world including:

Carribean: Guisado, Sancocho
English: Casserole, Hot pot, Scouse
France: Cassoulet, Ragout, Bouillabaisse, Daubs
Ghana: Hkatenkwan
Hungary: Goulash
Indian: Sambar
Mexico: Mole
North Africa: Harira, Tangine
Phillipines: Caldereta
South Africa: Bredie
Southern USA: Gumbo, Jambalaya
Spain: Puchero, Zarzuela
Wales: Cawl

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