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Make your own tofu

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  1. Pour the soya milk into a pot and simmer soya milk for 5 to 10 minutes. Cool down to about 70°C.
  1. Dissolve two teaspoons natural calcium sulphate in one cup of warm water. Less coagulant produces softer tofu, more produces harder tofu.
  1. Pour the prepared coagulant solution slowly into the hot soya milk while gently stirring the soya milk. If there is still some milky area after adding all coagulant solution, mix some more to use.
  1. Once all soya milk is separating into small white curds of tofu and an amber liquid, transfer coagulated dispersion into a mould lined with cheesecloth. (Any plastic container with small holes can be used as mould.)
  1. Place a 'lid' that fits inside the container on top of the tofu. A small weight of 1 kg is placed on the 'lid' and allowed to sit for 20 minutes or so.
  1. Empty the resulting block of tofu into a tub of cold water and store it in refrigerator and change soaking water daily.